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Headphone Dog - MUSIC. ART. DESIGN & LIFE.

Brand Info

[ Bring music into life ]

The establishment of HeadphoneDog originates from our passion for design and music. To us, music is an emotion outlet, which is indispensable like oxygen. As for design, it is a medium to express our style and transform our ideas into reality. We use practical designs to add fun in daily life, making everyone’s life have stronger connections to music. We aim to use our design to attract every music-lover.

HeadphoneDog is the best music design brand in Taiwan. With the spirit of “Bringing music to life with designs,” our team keeps refining our products to redefine the relationships between music and art. Our designs include: music creative products/ household goods, album/concert tie-up products, design/curation of music spaces, customized gift for companies, and customized event products.

Our music products:

Cell phone and computer accessories / Daily necessities/Clothes/ Bag etc.

Concert and album peripheral products

Commercial space design

Visual design

Collaboration with music industry

2019《The Velvet Underground & Nico 》Movie X HeadphoneDog -Taipei,Taiwan

2019 誠品黑膠市集 聯名商品製作 -Taichung,Taiwan

2018 高雄電影節 音樂商品合作夥伴 -高雄

2018 電影「阿飛正傳」x HeadphoneDog 音樂x電影 週邊商品設計-Taiwan/Hong Kong

2018 台北音樂設計節 x HeadphoneDog 活動音樂聯名商品設計製作-Taipei,Taiwan

2018 SimpleThis Camp 戰犯音樂/SoulAmazinMusic/HeadphoneDog/福斯/RedBull-Taipei,Taiwan

2017 Simple Life Music Festival-Taichung,Taiwan

2017 誠品行旅 x 誠品音樂 x 誠品生活expo x HeadphoneDog Vinyl Hotel Design

2017 電影「春嬌救志明」音樂x電影 聯名週邊商品設計-Taiwan/Hong Kong

2016 幾米 x 耳機狗 x 一間正在旅行的美術館 巡迴展-Taiwan

2016 1976樂團 貳拾週年紀念音樂聯名商品設計製作-Taipei,Taiwan

2016 103車庫搖滾派對 x HeadphoeneDog 音樂聯名商品製作-Taipei,Taiwan

2016 New York Fashion Week (x 7crash)-New York,USA

2015 Hangzhou Cultural& Creative Industry EXPO-Hangzhou,China

2015 HeadphoneDog individual exhibition -Taipei,Taiwan

2015 Vancouver Fashion Week (x 7crash)-Vancouver,Canada

2015 Asia Fashion Show (x 7crash)-Seoul,Korea

2011 IDA Taipei World Design Expo-Taipei,Taiwan

2008 Simple Life-Taipei,Taiwan

Welcome collaboration-Crossover/curators/customized products/sales agents and distributors etc